Happy new year, cakery bakers! It’s been a while, I admit: after spending the Christmas season happily gluttonising dessert and chocolate with every meal, I entered January feeling distinctly and uncharacteristically restrained. For a couple of weeks all I wanted was savoury things; thankfully, however, the brief madness has now passed. So on, on in our quest to become Masters of the (Sweetmeaty) Universe: by the power of Greyskull!

This weekend I had the twin ambitions of making something comforting (after a long fortnight back at work) and something that would enable me to use the six empty ramekins I’ve inherited from various Gu desserts. Step forward, Nigella’s Glitzy Chocolate Puds, from her Nigella Express book (a very well-received Christmas present). The ingredients list was short and easily obtained, and the little puddings had the added novelty of being strewn with crushed Crunchie bars. Yum.

We ran into a little trouble when the Other Half came back from the supermarket accidentally carrying 85% cocoa Ecuadorean chocolate bars. I love dark chocolate, and almost always prefer it to the glass-and-a-half kind, but this was so strong it made our tongues roll up in our heads. In the end the puddings didn’t really suffer, and we lightened the chocolate glaze just enough to swallow by adding milk, a sprinkle of sugar and a drop of cream.

I think these qualify as puddings rather than cakes because they’re very eggy, and not very floury. You whisk the eggs and sugar (groan) until it’s thick, then add a bit of flour, some bicarb, and melted chocolate and butter. They rise in the oven like little soufflés – and sink like them too, afterwards, though the chocolate glaze and crunchie topping means this isn’t obvious. The mixture makes enough for eight ramekins, and I only had six – more Gu purchases are in the offing – so I poured the last bit into a normal cake tin and made a mutant puddingy mess to be consumed at our leisure. Two Crunchie bars make far too much Crunchie rubble for only six or even eight puddings, so don’t worry if you need to make more. We’ll have to eat the rest of ours from the bowl. Shouldn’t be too much of a hardship.

So do you eat just one...

...Or all four?

Deliciousness: Light and soft with chocolate sauce and honeycomb surprises throughout. Most importantly, they look impressive, so can be presented to guests as well as snaffled secretly in front of the telly.

Complexity: Surprisingly easy, actually. Even the whisking went without a hitch this time.

Washing-up pile: Eight, if you don’t include the ramekins. A messy clean-up, though, especially with potent 85% chocolate covering every surface.

Casualties: My newly washed jeans, after quite a bit of the pudding mixture made a bid for freedom down my leg. Shame I didn’t notice till I’d brushed up against seventeen other surfaces…